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Rob Halprin in Cap Dantibes for the Cannes Film Festival.JPG
Rob Halprin with Sydney Poitier and his family and manager in Cap Dantibes for the Cannes Film Festival.jpg
Rob Halprin with James Taylor backstage at the Grammy Awards.JPG
Rob Halprin, Patti and James Taylor in front of Rob Halprin Resturant .JPG
Rob Halprin, Inara and Liz George, Grammy winning song writer Tom Snow, and Patti.jpg
Rob Halprin with Liz and Inara George ( wife and daughter of Lowell George).JPG
Rob Halprin with Jackson Brown and Patti.JPG
Rob Halprin with Natalie Cole.JPG
Rob Halprin with Valarie Carter, during the 1996 James Taylor Carolina Tour, where they recorded the James Taylor live CD..jpg
Rob Halprin with Will Lee the night Rob Halprin sat in with the band on the David Letterman Show.JPG
Rob Halprin with finger picking legend Doc Watson 1996.JPG
Rob Halprin with Sharon Angela (Rosalie Aprile from The Sopranos), and Patti.jpg
Rob Halprin with Steven R. Schirripa (Bobby Bacala from The Sopranos), and Patti.jpg
Rob Halprin with Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos).jpg
Rob Halprin with acting legend Seymour Cassel.jpg
Rob Halprin, Edie Falco (from The Sopranos), and Patti.jpg
Rob Halprin, Michael Imperoli (from The Sopranos) , and Patti.jpg
Rob Halprin, Patti and Academy Award Winner Steve Buscemi..jpg

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Disclaimer: This is not an OFFICIAL WEBSITE !
This is a fan based website honoring the works of Rob Halprin,
a well respected Musician, Producer, and Record Company Owner
as well as a well known member of the Adult Contemporary Music Scene since the mid 1970's through today.

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